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e-ARTA (Freshdesk Integration with AWS Connect)

Updated: Jan 20, 2022


Sandeza is proud to release our latest version of Next-Gen connector platform (Arta), in partnership with FreshWorks. For customers looking to build or modernize their customer contact centres with industry-leading Amazon Connect and FreshDesk CRM platforms, the Sandeza Connect platform provides a seamless integration, bringing the power of Amazon Connect right to the agent’s desktop.

This version brings to the agent’s desktop with new powerful capabilities such as Live Transcribe & Live Translate, Auto Callout to automate customer-ballots, and Omni channel communications. Agents can now focus on delivering the winning customer experience, without having to switch multiple windows, and right from the powerful FreshDesk CRM.

The Amazon Connect and Freshdesk integration brings 360-degree visibility, real-time insights and improves efficiency and performance.

Platform capabilities


The call functionality can be managed in the small modal as well as the larger full-page app. The full-page app allows agents to leverage the additional features that are at their disposal such as:

  • Get additional caller meta-data from Amazon Connect

  • Live Transcribe: Capture the live transcription of the customer conversation as the call is progressing. This transcription then automatically gets added to the ticket created post the call for reference

  • Live Translate the transcription of the call into the language of choice for the agent. This allows agents to ensure that they fully understand the customer requests if they were made in a different language than the language the agent is proficient in. The custom app currently supports translation to French, German and Hindi but this can potentially work in any language that AWS Translate supports.

  • Auto Callout: Agents or supervisors can now send out automatic calls to customers to notify them of matters of interest. This feature allows agents to trigger calls that can be placed to multiple customers at once with a message of choice. The message can be typed in and the custom app automatically converts it into speech and dials the customer with that message.


Amazon Connect now has a chat channel in addition to the call channel. If customers prefer to converse with their businesses through chat then agents can now respond to these chats right from within Freshdesk.

  • The custom app also fetches any previous call, chat or ticket records from the customer so that they can understand the issue and support the customer contextually. Chat conversations can also be converted into tickets, if the agent chooses to do so.

  • An Agent can take up to 5 customer chats in parallel.

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