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Transform Customer Engagement: Unveiling the Synergy of Dialpad and Freshchat Integration

App Functionality Overview:

Elevate your customer engagement strategy with the seamless integration of Dialpad telephony into the Freshchat platform. This collaboration between Dialpad and Freshchat empowers businesses to enrich their contact centers, providing agents with a unified interface for enhanced communication and streamlined workflows.

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Platform capabilities

Dialpad, when seamlessly integrated with Freshchat, transforms your customer contact center into a powerhouse of efficiency and innovation. Explore the enhanced capabilities that empower your agents to deliver an exceptional customer experience:

1. Click to Dial:

Streamline your calling process with the Click to Dial feature, allowing agents to initiate calls directly from the Freshchat interface. Increase efficiency and reduce response times with a single click.

2. Inbound Call Management:

Seamlessly manage inbound calls within the Freshchat platform, providing agents with real-time visibility into incoming customer inquiries. Enhance responsiveness and ensure a swift resolution to customer needs.

3. On-Screen Caller Information:

Equip your agents with valuable context by displaying on-screen caller information during conversations. Instantly access relevant customer details, ensuring personalized and informed interactions.

4. Call Mute/Unmute:

Gain control over your conversations with the ability to mute and unmute calls directly from the Freshchat interface. This feature ensures that agents can manage the flow of communication effortlessly.

5. Adding Call Notes:

Foster better collaboration and information sharing among your team by allowing agents to add call notes directly within the Freshchat interface. Capture important details, updates, or customer preferences for future interactions.

6. Adding Call Recordings:

Record and archive customer interactions for quality assurance, training, and compliance purposes. The integration enables agents to effortlessly add call recordings, creating a valuable resource for ongoing improvement.

Experience the power of Dialpad within the familiar and efficient Freshchat environment. With these advanced capabilities, your contact center gains the tools needed to provide exceptional service, streamline workflows, and build lasting customer relationships.

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